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Our residential program is ideal for people in transition. If you find yourself in between jobs, on the move or looking for a get away from worn out routines, a residential visit to Casa Primera Luz might be your perfect home away from home.

The program


Residential visits last a minimum of 1 week and can continue up to 2 months. The resident will participate in the daily routine at the Casa (spiritual practices, meals, household tasks and service). Residents will also be participants in mindfulness retreats and Enlightenment Intensives that are scheduled during the visit.


Each resident will have his or her individualized daily schedule that we develop at the beginning of the stay.


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"I feel activated, exhilarated and trusting in myself like never before.

I consider it to be the new beginning.

Jack and Katrin have weaved together so many aspects of human existence- it's truly an art."


Krzysiek Wirpsza, tarot reader

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Outside activities


Residents may choose to visit tourist attractions such as Santa Fe, Taos or hot springs. We might take trips as a group during your stay. Residents should be comfortable with staying at the casa alone for up to a day.

Our residential program might be right for you if:


  • You are burned out and want to recharge your batteries

  • You are interested in establishing a daily spiritual practice

  • Your life is in transition. You are looking for direction and clarity

  • A change of scenery is called for. You need to get away!

  • Your life lacks a sense of purpose. You are looking for inspiration

  • You want more than a vacation, and would like to include stability, connection and community

Registration and Costs


To sign up for the residential program, we will schedule an interview with Katrin and Jack to determine if this service is appropriate for your situation.




Our residential sliding fee scale begins at a minimum of $375/week. Costs depend on the individual’s financial situation, their request of services such as personal sessions and teachings and the hours of service they are willing to provide.




Jack and Katrin have broad experience with personal growth, spiritual practices and therapeutic processes. However, we are not a mental health clinic and do not have the means to adequately support visitors who struggle with severe emotional and behavioral challenges.

No pets, alcohol or smoking

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