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I offer free 20 minute consultations via Zoom. Please contact me per email or over the phone and we can set up an appointment.

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“The skills training has changed my life. Not only are the skills amazing tools, you had a way of presenting them that made it easy to understand and to use in my life.”

D., Counseling client



The following levels are meant to offer a map for your orientation

and what I can and cannot offer. 



Level 1: We are in the grip of destructive thought patterns and behaviors. Debilitating addictions, severe depression, suicidal thoughts are common here. We need advice, skills training and concrete guidance. Our most important companion is our own commitment to get well.

Therapy on this level should not occur online but in person. I am happy to make recommendations and do not accept clients who experience this level of acuity.

Level 2: We have left self-harming behaviors behind, learned some basic skills to regulate and our ability to stay present with difficult emotions has increased. We are ready to look into trauma healing, expanding our skill set and keep building a life worth living.

Online therapy can be very successful with these kind of treatment goals. I am most happy to assist you.

Level 3: We have made great progress in knowing ourselves more deeply. We experience delightful moments of peace, a general sense of OKness and we see the path in front of us with increased clarity. However it seems that much of our longing for continued growth gets slowed down through persistent and deeply seated patterns. We discover a whole new level of commitment to grow personally and spiritually. We are ready for a deeper surrender and even more trust into our ability to heal.


Therapy offers a space for self reflection and inquiry. Looking for advice or how to solve our problems has become a secondary piece to our internal work. We want a witness who can hold us in a heartfelt, non-judgmental space of presence and genuine openness.

Level 4: We have greatly improved our ability to trust guidance from within and our motivation is routed in a grounded self-acceptance. Healing shows up as a consistent and gentle companion on our path. We look for an occasional chance to gain clarity with sticky issues. We call for guidance by someone who knows themselves intimately and can provide a light for our ongoing awakening to Self.

Our retreats, self retreats and occasional one on one sessions would be most beneficial for this level of personal development.


From here the journey continues, expanding and deepening…

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“Thank you for keeping me on track. The structure and clarity you provided has opened some doors I was unable to find on my own.”

B., Counseling client

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