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During my first EI I had the experience of getting close to self, I saw a very bright light, nearly blinding and infinitely loving - yet fierce, and it was like a bright star in the darkness. I was made to know this is my Self.  The light was perceived as fierce by me because there is still attachment to the imagined self, and if I stepped into that light I knew, without a doubt, that any imagined self would dissolve instantly. It is deeply fulfilling to have had that experience. 


Jay McCormick, Cofounder of Awakening Together, Intensive participant

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What it is:


An Enlightenment Intensive is a 3 ½ day residential retreat that has the single goal of direct, conscious knowing of one's True Nature or Self. It is designed to offer participants a safe and highly structured environment to contemplate the age old enigma:

Who am I? or What am I?

Many spiritual seekers set out to get enlightened someday… down the road. For many it has become an elusive goal, out of sight,

too abstract to believe in anymore, especially after years of meditation practice or spiritual study. To the ears of such dedicated and determined practitioners the idea of enlightenment in three ½ days may sound far-fetched, even ridiculous. We understand!

We encourage you to continue reading and see if there is something worth trying out for yourself.

"Greater than the greatest good in life is to know who we are."

Nisargadatta Maharaj

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What is enlightenment?


Enlightenment is the direct and conscious knowing of the truth of Self. This truth is deeper then the persona we know as ourselves in regular life. We usually operate on identifications with the body and the mind, such as “I am a woman”, or “I am a father”.

Enlightenment is a sudden shift into an absolute viewpoint, one that leaves no doubt about the true nature of your being.











Is enlightenment guaranteed?

There is no guarantee that the Absolute will be revealed to you during any one Intensive. The truth is a gift that cannot be forced,

only invited. 50 years after the Enlightenment Intensive was developed, however, there is no doubt among facilitators that the provided structure, combined with the unique contemplation technique, substantially increases one’s chances to have an enlightenment experience.


"...for the purpose of self-discovery I’ve not run into anything which comes close to the effectiveness

of the Enlightenment Intensive. The key to real spiritual development is self-discovery;

the direct experience of who you actually are."


Charles Berner, founder of the Enlightenment Intensive

Kasia, a long term resident at Casa Primera Luz describes her experience of Enlightenment Intensives:


During my stay at the casa, I participated in three intensives. When I first set out to know the truth of myself, I had no spiritual knowledge or practice. I knew I was suffering but did not find the door out. During the first intensive, I saw how my childhood experiences had solidified in thick layers, like a program. Suddenly, on day two, it became clear as daylight: These layers are not me. It felt like taking off an old coat or cleaning a dusty room. There was a sense of lightness – I have never felt so free before. I now know myself as a deeply loving person and as someone who deserves to be loved. Words don’t do justice to this joyous discovery. I went deeper into the truth of my being during two more intensives, solidifying and anchoring myself in an unshakeable essence.  I can’ t claim that I live from my true nature all the time, but the knowing of what is real, never leaves me completely. I am very grateful.


Does this retreat have other benefits?

Even though this pursuit of truth is not therapy, it is highly therapeutic. Insights, clearing of long held believes, physical healing

and deeply fulfilling communication with others. 

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Other common discoveries are:


A renewed sense of purpose.

Increased self acceptance.

A greater ease in relating with others.

Feelings of joy, peace and love beyond the days of the retreat.

Greater trust in oneself, others and life.

Increased compassion.

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"I felt stuck with my spiritual practice and longed to reignite my connection with truth and the light within. Three Enlightenment Intensives with Path of Heart have helped me heal a physical ailment

and find a deep sense of self that has replaced nagging doubts about my path.

I am now strong in my daily practice and know where I am going.”


Jaisree Jodhan, Trinidad

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What technique is being used?


A simple contemplation technique will be taught that does not require any previous knowledge in meditation or any other spiritual practice. We do not teach concepts or religious beliefs.

After contemplating a question such as ‘Who am I?’, you communicate

to a partner what has occurred. Your partner will receive your communication without feedback, comments or evaluation of any kind. Partners change every 40 minutes. Throughout the day there are breaks for walks, rest, meals, and lectures. Other questions to work on are, “What am I?”,  “What is Life?”, “What is Love?” and “What is Another?”


The key to this communication exercise is a commitment to authenticity while remaining open to ourselves and others.


We communicate what arises in the present moment. This ongoing process allows for “clearing” of old patterns and beliefs and the dawning of a deeper truth of Self is being invited.

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"The process is a brilliant one because the work is so self directed, yet the sharing between multiple partners strengthens the Truth of Oneness I believe by satisfying the need to connect deeply

with one another." 


Kathleen Miller, participant at Casa Primera Luz

Why does enlightenment matter?


A “direct experience” will not solve all your problems or pay the bills. However, those who come back for more report that knowing the core of their being, has changed them forever. Setting out to know yourself is a noble and rewarding project, well worth devoting some or all of your life energy to.

An Intensive is the ideal setting to drop all other quests and distractions to enjoy

a focused and shared intent with others.

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"Tough, true to the core and liberating into a whole new dimension of being."


Krzysiek Wirpsza, tarot reader

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"Over the course of several intensive with Path of Heart I have deepened into 

an inner space of quiet and stillness that keeps opening and expanding."


Anne Blanchard, New Jersey

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Is this right for me?

Enlightenment Intensives are exactly that: intense. If you have a longing to find out for yourself what is waiting patiently in your heart to be discovered by you and only you, an intensive will likely open the door to everything precious and worth working for.


Agreements that are asked of you: 


A commitment to dropping all other spiritual practices during the intensive,

leaving behind distractions such as phones, electronic devices and reading material and

observing silence between dyads.

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"There are many profound experiences that I am taking with me. The most prominent was the direct knowing of the unconditional love of God that is forever available to me. Casa Primera Luz is a little slice of heaven." 

Adam Hammes, Iowa

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What airport to fly into?

The closest airport is Santa Fe (1.5  hours from the Casa). Flights to Santa Fe are typically more expensive and will only connect through Houston, Phoenix or Denver. The next option is Albuquerque International airport, which is 2.5 hours away from the casa. We have always been able to connect people for rides but this cannot be guaranteed. There is an hourly shuttle from the Albuquerque airport to Santa Fe. Taking an Uber from there or share one with other participants is an alternative to renting a car.



We have shared rooms and two niches in the main house plus two small cabins. We also have tents available if some one would like to sleep outside and participants are welcome to bring their own trailers. The assignment of rooms depends on the number of participants and gender distribution. The sleeping spaces are all comfortable, aesthetic and quiet. However, we don't offer luxury lodging. Please be prepared to sleep on comfortable floor mattresses. The Casa has 4 full bathrooms.



We serve simple vegetarian meals (egg free), with gluten free options and dairy products on the side. Participants with dietary restrictions are asked to notify us about their needs when they sign up for the workshop. We are able to accommodate most requests. 



3 ½ day residential retreat

$200 for actual costs + a contribution for facilitation ($100-400) 

Registration fee: $200


Enlightenment Intensives are challenging and demanding.

To feel confident that this is the right fit for you, we ask new participants with Path of Heart to schedule a phone appointment.


Please contact Katrin:

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